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Crustocean Feed is the brand name of aquaculture feed produced in technical cooperation with VDS.
It is not a standard feed but a tailor made shrimp feed adapted to the specifications of each shrimp or fish farm or region. It is produced in various parts of the world.

Crustocean Feed

Crustocean Feed is a concept of quality, service and confidence between VDS-Crustocean, the feedmill and the aquaculturist. Crustocean Feed is continuously improved in terms of formulation, raw material quality, water stability and cost-effectiveness


VDS-Crustocean started producing shrimp feed in the eighties when a partnership was established with the shrimp farm in Seychelles. The results obtained were significantly better than other reputed feed brands due to our formulations and our technical skills.
The success in Seychelles enabled us to extend our activities to Madagascar and other countries.

Total Quality Concept

Crustocean is a Total Quality Concept for the complete production process from the production of raw materials till the feed application on the farm.


VDS, the parent company of VDS-Crustocean, is a Belgian family owned business which provides quality feed products and services to the agricultural and aquaculture industry, based on 40 years of experience.
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